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What to Do After an Arrest

Trusted Oklahoma City Defense Lawyers Offer Help After an Arrest

Respected Oklahoma legal counsel represent clients facing criminal charges

Your behavior during and after arrest can affect the rest of your experience with the criminal justice system, including the result of your case. From the outset, police and prosecutors will try to use your statements and actions to help build their case, but you can aid your defense by keeping calm and taking a few simple steps. At Butler & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City, we adamantly assert the rights of people charged with Oklahoma felonies. Our committed defense team provides effective legal support from the moment our clients reach out to us.

Seasoned attorneys encourage you to know your rights during a police stop

Before a defense lawyer steps in to fight any criminal accusations made against you, it is important to remember your fundamental rights when you are in custody, such as:

  • Right to remain silent
  • Right to an attorney
  • Right to a phone call

If you are pulled over or stopped by the police, be respectful and keep as calm as possible. You can choose to answer the officer’s questions or to remain silent. If you want to remain silent, tell the officer. If the officer suspects you of committing a crime, you will be required to show your ID.

One of the more confusing aspects of being stopped by the police is the question of whether or not you are actually in trouble. If you are not sure what is going on, ask the officer to clarify whether you are under arrest and if you are free to leave. To arrest you, the officer must either have a warrant for your arrest or probable cause that you committed a crime.

When an officer officially informs you that you are under arrest, you can tell the officer that you want a lawyer and that you have the right to remain silent. You have no obligation to answer any questions.

To protect your rights and avoid additional trouble:

  • Do not resist the arrest
  • Do not sign any statements or make any voluntary statements
  • Do not allow any unwarranted searches

If you are subjected to harassment or abuse by an officer, tell your lawyer what happened. Evidence that is collected because an officer acted improperly could be excluded from a potential trial.

You have a right to make one local phone call from the police station after your arrest. Call a lawyer knowledgeable in criminal law or a trusted contact who can hire a lawyer for you. Our phone number is 405-416-2711. We are prepared to take swift action in defense of any person arrested in Oklahoma County or the surrounding areas.

Responsive criminal defense lawyers fight charges at hearings and at trial

Once you retain an attorney, they should be present any time a law enforcement officer wants to question you. We fiercely assert our clients’ rights during interrogations and at the arraignment hearing. Depending on the case facts, we might argue that there is insufficient evidence to formally charge you with a crime and/or that your bail should be reduced or erased. If the judge approves the charges, it is your right to plead not guilty.

If your case is dismissed, we can help you seek an expungement to erase the arrest from public record. If the charges stick, we get to work collecting and compiling evidence to support your defense. Trusted by residents throughout the Oklahoma City area, our firm provides responsive and reliable representation during the pretrial conference, preliminary hearing, plea negotiations and trial.

Contact a dedicated Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer for help after an arrest

The criminal defense attorneys at Butler & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City defend area residents charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses. To schedule a free consultation with our firm, call 405-416-2711 or contact us online.

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