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Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Lawyers Stand Up for Accused Clients

Effective litigators focus on protecting individuals’ fundamental rights

From the moment you’re placed under arrest, what you say and do could have a serious effect on your future. Hiring an experienced criminal defense litigator gives you the best chance to protect your rights and avoid harmful mistakes. Butler & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City represents individuals facing criminal allegations in state and federal courts. We take on police and prosecutors in cases involving alleged violent crimes, white collar misconduct, drunk driving, drug offenses and other types of accusations. Whether you’re being investigated, are looking to negotiate a favorable plea agreement or believe you’re headed to trial, our attorneys strive to secure a successful outcome.

Dedicated advocates challenge authorities in felony proceedings

Felony crimes are serious counts that are often punishable by long periods of incarceration. There is no time to waste if you’ve been accused of one of these crimes. We provide a free initial consultation to get people the help they need when they’re charged with:

  • Violent crimes — Though the state doesn’t separate felony crimes into categories, some violent offenses, such as first-degree murder and manslaughter, are subject to the “85 percent” rule, where the person convicted must serve nearly all of the sentence’s term.
  • Sexual offenses — Cases related to allegations of rape and other sex crimes present special challenges that require skill and sensitivity. Our litigators understand how to find the truth through diligent research and questioning when witness accounts differ.
  • White collar crimes — When someone is charged with fraud, embezzlement, internet crime or a different white collar offense, we have the knowledge and real-world background to analyze complex documents and situations in defense of our clients.

Most felony cases are conducted in state court, but we also assist clients in federal matters involving interstate activity or alleged violations of U.S. law.

Proven attorneys defend motorists against drunk driving charges

Oklahoma has separate charges for driving under the influence (when a motorist’s blood alcohol concentration is .08 percent or higher) and driving while impaired (when the test result doesn’t indicate legal intoxication, but the motorist is still affected by alcohol or drugs). A conviction for either offense carries various possible penalties, including incarceration, fines and license suspension. Our DUI lawyers defend accused motorists by identifying law enforcement errors and advocating for a fair result.

Knowledgeable lawyers assist people accused of committing drug crimes

Simple possession of a controlled substance is now charged as a misdemeanor in Oklahoma. If you’ve been arrested for this or another type of drug crime, we provide comprehensive legal support. Prosecutions for drug trafficking or manufacture can trigger a sentence lasting several years or even decades. This is true whether the substance involved is an illegal controlled substance, such as heroin, or a prescription pharmaceutical that is sold unlawfully. We know that your freedom might hinge on whether evidence was properly collected, so we will look to uncover problems that may have prejudiced the case against you.

Effective firm represents defendants in all types of misdemeanor cases

Within the state, misdemeanor crimes can be punished by up to one year in a county jail. Other sanctions can also be imposed, such as a fine or driver’s license suspension. If you’ve been accused of assault, battery, larceny where the value involved does not exceed $500 or another type of misdemeanor charge, we make every effort to counter the evidence brought against you and prevent the imposition of unwarranted penalties.

Experienced counselors advise on expungement of criminal records

An arrest, a charge or even a conviction can haunt you years after the alleged misconduct occurred. In certain cases, expungement is available under Oklahoma law so that potential employers and others don’t have access to records that cast a bad light on a formerly accused individual. However, the specific rules governing the expungement process are complicated. Relevant factors can include the specific allegation involved, whether a conviction was obtained, if the individual was a juvenile, how long ago the case occurred, if the person was convicted of another charge and whether the statute of limitations has expired. We look carefully at each set of circumstances and strive to restrict others’ ability to see harmful information whenever possible.

Contact an accomplished Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation

Butler & Flynn, PLLC defends Oklahomans who have been accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes. Please call 405-416-2711 or contact us online to discuss your situation in a free consultation. Our office is in Oklahoma City.

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