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Oklahoma City Firm Guides Families Through the Adoption Process

Compassionate legal counselors help clients avoid unnecessary complications

Adding a child to your home should be a joyous, exciting time. Butler & Flynn, PLLC in Oklahoma City is committed to helping the dreams of prospective parents come true while helping them manage the numerous legal and practical considerations associated with the placement of a child. If you’ve just decided to adopt and are unsure which type of process will best suit your needs, our knowledgeable family law attorneys will help you find what works best. From there, we represent your interests effectively and simplify complex guidelines so that you can concentrate on preparing to welcome a child into your home.

Knowledgeable advocates advise on domestic placements

Adoption is a rewarding but intense commitment. Accordingly, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services requires prospective parents to complete an extensive screening process that includes background checks, references, a home study performed by a qualified evaluator and 27 hours of training. We offer personalized advice and advocacy whether the placement you’re considering is:

  • Domestic — Whether the child you’re considering is from Oklahoma or another state, our experienced family lawyers will prepare you for each step of the adoption process and help you avoid critical errors that can lead to unnecessary delays and frustration.
  • Stepparent — Many adoptions occur when a mother or father has a new spouse who wishes to establish legal parenting rights. Typically, both biological parents must consent to effectuate the adoption, and if the child is at least 12 years old, the child must approve as well. An adopting stepparent must have been married to the child’s biological parent for at least one year, but relative adoptions can be completed without a home study.

Even in the best circumstances, completing an adoption can take a long time. We offer a free initial consultation so you can get an informed perspective on the potential timeline and start the process when you wish.

Effective family lawyers handle open, closed and semi-closed adoptions

In helping you to choose which type of adoption to pursue, we provide knowledgeable guidance so that you can find the path that works best for your situation. Many children are waiting for adoption, so families who don’t insist on an infant or are looking to adopt a young person with special needs can usually complete the process more quickly. We outline all of the options to help match you with the right child. Our attorneys also explain the potential benefits and drawbacks of:

  • Open adoption — When biological parents want to maintain a role in their child’s life, open adoption is a suitable choice. In these cases, it’s important to work together on terms relating to communication, access and influence. By working closely with clients, we negotiate sound, enforceable agreements in a respectful manner.
  • Closed adoption — In a closed adoption, the parties do not receive any information about each other. Though these types of placements were the norm for many years, concerns about inherited health characteristics and the availability of information online have made closed adoption less popular. However, these arrangements might be better if adoptive parents are worried about disruptive interference from biological parents.
  • Semi-closed (or semi-open) adoption — Balancing facets of open and closed adoptions, semi-closed (or semi-open) placements allow parties to share certain information, but restrict contact after the adoption is completed. After a thorough review of each side’s interests, we work to develop a plan that is mutually acceptable.

Complications can arise in even the best circumstances, but effective counsel from a dedicated adoption attorney will maximize the likelihood of a positive resolution.

Contact a thorough Oklahoma adoption lawyer to schedule a free consultation

Butler & Flynn, PLLC provides legal counsel for Oklahoma clients in adoptions and other family law matters. To make an appointment for a free initial consultation at our Oklahoma City office, please call 405-416-2711 or contact us online. We are located near the Quail Springs Mall.

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